Friday, September 30, 2005

~But I Got Tired Of Paper~

I have to say that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is my best friend and also the best thing made to man!

My darling Connor decided that he wanted to make his TV black and therefore color the whole TV, screen and all black and of course he didnt tell me what he did. So I go in to turn off his "off white" TV and what do I see, black crayon all over it! This is how the conversation went:


Connor: What? (By the way I hate when I call someone and they say what instead of them just coming to me when I want them)

Me: Get in here right now!

He slowly walks into his room.

Me: What is that all over your TV?

Connor: crayon "with head down"

Me: And what pocessed you to draw all over your TV?

Connor: I got tired of coloring on the paper.

Oh My Gosh, It took all I had not to beat his butt, and laugh at the same time! So then we had this whole conversation on how we dont color on anything but paper& coloring books. I took all his drawing stuff away and he lost his TV for an hour, which of course to him the world came to a end. This coming from a child who has never colored on the walls and all of a sudden decides we are gonna redecorate the TV????

So I took out my Magic Eraser and tada with a little scrubbing the crayon came right off. I cant even tell you how much I love this stuff. It has taken mark off my walls, marks off my mini van and so on. Wish I was the one to invent it.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Seduced By A Bag Of Pink M's"

Yep you read right. I was in Walmart this morning and this bag of pink m&m's was just calling my name. Now mind you Iam not a chocolate person (would much rather eat a bag of swedish fishies, lol) at all but put m's in front of me and I just cant seem to control myself! Why I got the pink ones you ask, well I was trying to give myself a good reason for buying them and if you buy the pink ones then .50 goes towards Breast Cancer Research & the whole Breast Cancer thing is close to me (had a friend that died from it 6 years ago) so I have a tendency to buy things that are for Breast Cancer. Anyways now I have this 21 oz bag of pink m's that keep calling my name and I cant seem to stop eating them and my fat butt doesnt need them. So here I sit waiting for my older 2 to get home so that they can eat these little boogers instead of me.

"So Heres To You Patty, Looking Down On Me From Heaven, Watching Me Stuff My Face Full Of M's, Knowing You Probably Are Laughing At Me" You are always in my thoughts but this time of the year you seem to be more so!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Pics Of My Gang" or "As I Loving Call Them, My Big & Little Turds"

This is Shain 17, school pic. I had to take a pic of
a pic cause the scanner is broken.

This is Sky 15, school pic
also a pic of a pic.

This is Connor 4, My little fisherman and
such a ham when it comes to taking pics.
He likes to go fishing with daddy cause
daddy gets him donuts & Yohoos for breakfast.

This is Simba 11, & Milo 1, "Thats The Life, Ahhh"
We also have 2 dogs but i dont have any good pics
of them, guess I will have to take one.


After my kids having no school for a week and 2 days, they are now back in school so I have quiet till noon then Connor comes home from pre-k. The thing is its too quiet! Can it be too quiet, i ask myself, Yes it can! I know last week I was complaining that they were all driving me nuts, I should be careful what i wish for, now i have what I want and dont know what to do with myself. I do have the usual laundry and some cleaning to get done but that will get done soon enough. Dont know what iam gonna do with myself when Connor goes to full day Kindergarten next year. I thought about subbing but not sure if my health will let me do so.

Of course then there is the fact that I just feel so drained lately, I'll tell you this much raisng a child when you are older does get harder in some ways. When i was in my 20's and my older 2 where toddlers I always had more energy then I seem to have now with Connor, but then again Connor seems alot more energenic then my older 2 ever were, not to mention he is such a motor mouth , sometimes driving my older 2 more crazy then myself. Dont get me wrong I love my little man, his personality is just completely different and more colorful then my older 2 i just wish someone could bottle up that engery he has and stick it into me.

I do have to say on a lighter note, with my other 2 I was also very protective, washing the binky if it fell on the floor, constantly making sure everything is clean and so on. Well as you get older, by the time you get to the 3rd child things completely change, and you dont boil that binky anymore, if it falls on the floor you wipe it off and give it back, believe me they will be survive. I do know this much the only difference between a teen and a toddler/pre-schooler is their age!

I just love this pic! This Is Connor 4, & Sky 15

Saturday, September 24, 2005

"I Finally Got It Checked"

2.5 weeks ago I was outside with my son and badly sprained my right ankle running down a hill along side of Connor in fliflops ( yes I know, not too smart of me) no less and twisted my ankle. After 2.5 weeks of hobbling along on a badly sprained ankle/foot, I finally got the thing checked. I know, I know should of done it right away but I have sprained the same ankle quite a few times and it has always healed fine on itself, well not this time.

Anyways the doctor takes one look at my foot and after 2.5 weeks couldnt believe how bruised and swollen it still was. They send me for xrays and took a lot of them. According to the xrays, my foot is very badly sprained. I also chipped a small piece of ankle bone off, not big enough for them to do anything about but big enough to cause pain and be a pain in the butt that will take up to 6 weeks to heal! They banaged it up, said I may want to get a foot brace thingy for it for support and told me to stay off of it as much as possible, yea right. She also gave me a prescription for Lortab if the pain gets too bad or I cant sleep because of pain otherwise she says to take 800mg of mortrin for pain. If it still bothers me after 6 weeks or the pain gets worse iam to go back in. She also said that my right foot/ankle is very weak and that i will probably need some kind of surgery in the furture to help repair the legaments that have been hurt so many times. So why is it that a sprain always takes longer to heal then a break? If it isnt one thing, its another!

Anyways, on a good note the kids are all doing well and have helped me out alot during this time. Connor my 4 year old is so funny saying that he will help me with everything while Iam hurt, awww. Its funny watching a 4 year old try and get the clothes out of the washer machine, lol. My oldest has been driving me around on his permit, nerve racking I know but hey he drives pretty well I just get nervous to easily. Sky has been a big help also doing things around the house. After all of them being off of school for a week cause they started on Aug 1st so they has "fall break", They now also have off next Monday & Tuesday, this was the Governor of Ga's "great" idea in order to save gas.

Here is the link to his news conference yesterday:

The older 2 are happy about this of course but Connor my little one is upset, he likes school and is angry he doesnt get to go back till Wed. I keep telling him next year he will be in Kindergarten and in school all day and then we shall see how much he wants to go, lol.

Shain is also going thru a ego trip thing now. His g/f got her license first and now is the first to get a car, lol. So she will be driving him places, I told him to get over it, his will come soon enough. Why is the male ego is always hurt if his parnter has the upper hand? Men .... Grrrrrr

Its been 2 weeks since I have seen Robert, he is still working in Al and I wont know till later today if he will be home this weekend. He thought about staying down there cause of gas prices and such. Its hard on Connor having him away all the time and he keeps asking when daddy is coming home. So Iam hoping to tell him, that daddy will be home later on today but just till Monday.

Will try to post some pics later.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"Guess What I Got For My Birthday?"

Its my 42nd birthday, boy does that look old in print. Not doing much today, just a quiet day at home. I went to the bank today with my kids (they have off from school this week) and then to Walmart and my little one says "mommy arent we going to get you a cake and I say "mommy doesnt need a cake Connor." He says, "Yes you do, everyone gets a cake on their birthday." So my oldest says to Connor, "Iam gonna buy mommy a cake" and he did. Of course now the cakes sits in the frig, it was nice of Shain to get me one, of course he isnt here to eat it with us, I was a nice mom and said he could be with his g/f today, its their 1 year anniversary. And of course Robert isnt here, he is away working in AL but atleast he remembered and called to wish me a happy birthday.

Anyways, back to what I got .... I get home from the store, go to the bathroom and you got it, there the booger is, my so called "friend", the dam thing came, of course it had to wait untill after I took the test!!! I tell you the tricks the female body plays on us just isnt right! I guess its nice birthday present depending on how you look at it, but on the other hand I was getting use to not having the dam thing!

Thanks Mama & Haley for saying happy birthday!

"Another Year Gone, Another Year Older, Another Year To Look Forward To!"

Monday, September 19, 2005


After a week of having the test, I finally said to myself I better get this over with and i took it, and it came out negative. I cant even tell you have relieved iam.

Why did I take this test you ask ... It started about a month ago when I called my gyn for a yearly appt. and told them I hadnt had my "friend" (why they call it that is beyond me, lol), period, cycle whatever your want to call it since the first week in June and have been gaining unexplained weight (and yes I eat right and excercise the best I can). The nurse gets on the phone and preceeds to ask me "have you taken a pregnancy test?", I thought my mouth was gonna drop to the floor. I told her I had my tubes done 4 years ago and I better not be pregnant and she says "but not everything is 100%" and the doctor is gonna want you to take one". Talk about panic attacks!!! So I bought the test last week but just kept putting it off till this morning and then did it! Now dont get me wrong if its in the cards for me to have another child then so be it, but personally health wise and mentally not sure if this 42 (tomorrow) year old woman could handle it!

I personally think its my hormones and that iam going thru early changes. I have been having those wonderful hotflashes and night sweats. I go to the doctor on Friday and we shall see what happens.

Of course in the back of my mind is the fact that when I was pregnant with Connor, my last one, I took 2 home pregnancy tests and both said negative and then went to the doctors and I was pregnant!

And so I wait for Friday to come to find out what the heck is going on with my darn body, of course with my luck she will have to deliver a baby and my appt will be made for another day only to have me wait longer

And so life moves on....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

"Ok Things Defintely Happen In 3's Maybe More"

Ok first it was the washer flooding my daughters room about a month ago and what a mess that was. Then the day before my new livingroom set was suppose to come I find out they never placed my order I placed 6 weeks ago, then I was being a good mommy and playing with Connor outside and decide that I will run down the hill (in my flipflops, bad move) next to him while he rides his bike and next thing I know my ankle turns and Iam on the ground in pain, then this past week I was parked by a pole for some reason i mis-judged my turn and next thing I know i scratch the side of my bumper, do you know how cheaply made the bumpers are on minivans, grrrrr, the paint on it is now cracking and peeling off and to top it all off, Robert is away for work, yesterday he calls me and says his car died! He thinks it may be the starter and he can fix it but still, money we just dont have. How much bad things can happen to one person in such a short period of time? If I counted right that isnt 3 but 5, enough already!

hey on a better note I have 3 wonderful kids that drive me nuts, lol. My oldest Shain, 17 is driving me crazy, he keeps at me to schedule his roadtest. I know he isnt ready. I have watched tests at our DMV and the parking part is extremely hard. I have seen people fail that and not even given the chance to go out on the road. If he would just stop seeing his g/f on his free days and stay home maybe myself and Robert can get him ready for the test, but nooooo, the world will come to a end if there isnt a day he doesnt get to see Lacey and for that he will just have to wait.

Then there is poor Sky, 15. I remember going thru similar friendship problems when I was in high school, why is it things never change? Anyways one of her best friends now has a b/f and Jenny's world now revolves around this one guy. Sky is feeling very left out and somewhat hurt. I have told Sky to talk to Jenny about it or even write a letter cause they do alot of that back and forth but Sky says she doesnt want to confront Jenny about it. I have always told my kids that having b/f's & g/f's are great but dont ever forget your "friends". Anyways hopefully it will all work out, all I can do right now is be there for her and that i will.

And then there is Connor 4 and what a handful he is, Somehow, someway I dont remember it being this hard with the older 2. He has more engery then my older 2 ever had or is it just me and that Iam older? There should be some kind of warning, warning older moms to make sure they have enough engery to keep up with little ones before they have more, lol. Dont get me wrong i wouldnt change having Connor for anything in the world, but like I said I just dont remember it being this hard and getting pooped out this quickly years ago.

Ok for the life of me I cant get my pics on here, they upload then disappear :-(

And so I hear Connor calling for me yet again and off I go......

Friday, September 16, 2005

100 Things About Me....

Ok this is for you "Mama" who has been bugging me to post in here. I will attempt to post 100 things about me.

1. I was born in the Bronx, New York

2. But never actually lived in New York City

3. Instead I was raised in Mahopac, NY

4. I lived in New York for 37 years

5. I have lived in 4 different states

6. NY, CA, TX, GA

7. I took ballet & tap for 2 years when I was young

8. I ran track & field & cross country in high school

9. I didnt get my drivers license till 18 cause my mom wouldnt teach me so I paid for driving school

10. I was hit in the eye with a fork when I was 9

11. Iam legally blind in that eye

12. I love candles, especially Yankee Candles

13. I also love angels

14. I believe in spirits and the super natural

15. I have Lupus

16. I was told I had Lupus at the age of 18 after 3 months of grueling tests

17. Along with the Lupus comes arthritis

18. I have a sister, brother, half sister & half brother all younger then me

19. They are scattered over the US, in MD, FL & CO

20. I have a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management

21. I have been engaged 4 times

22. But married twice

23. After 13.5 years of marriage my ex asked for a divorce

24. I got married again June 21, 2005

25. To a man I met 4 years ago online

26. he has 3 children, my step children who live in Ohio

27. I have 3 kids of my own

28. My oldest son Shain(natural birth, 5 weeks early) 17, is a junior in high school. He is wonderful young man who is interested in getting into radiolgy or becoming a EMT

29. Next my daughter Skylar (Sky) (natural birth, 2 weeks early) 15, a sophmore in high school. She has turned into a beautiful young lady who is interested in doing something with writing.

30. My youngest Connor (c-section, 3 weeks early) is 4, and has more engery then his old mom can keep up with.

31. Connor was very unexpected, but a very blessed gift and wouldnt change that part of my life for nothing.

32. Connor's "so call sperm donor" isnt in his life, Robert my husband is the only father Connor knows.

33. I have badly sprained my right ankle 6 times

34. The most resent time 2 weeks ago

35. I use to be a teachers assistant for special ed kids when I lived in NY

36. I hope to get back into it when Connor gets older if my health premits

37. I took up Tae Kwon Do while going thru my divorce

38. Iam a First Degree Black Belt In Tae Kwon Do

39. I havent practiced it in 5 years but should get back into it

40. I like to crochet baby blankets

41. My first pet ever was a collie named Ginger

42. She ran away when I was 9

43. I have 4 pets now, 2 dogs, Jesse (min pin) 2.5yrs, Katie (Beagle), 1yr and 2 cats, Simba (orange tabby), 11yrs & Milo (grey tabby), 1 yr

44. My dream trip would be to go to Australia

45. I love strawberries & whipped cream

46. I love crab legs, also stuffed shrimp & stuffed clams

47. I cant stand coffee, even the smell makes me sick

48. Not a big fan of any hot liquids, like tea, soup hot chocolate, strange I know, they have to be warm to cool for me to have them

49. I'll be 42 this month

50. Iam scared of death

51. I think it has something to do with my great grandma dying in front of me at 15

52. I have had grey hairs since I was in my 20's

53. My hair now is a really dark brown with red undertones

54. My natural color is dark brown, almost black

55. When I lived in CA I met "Joanie" from Happy Days while working in a store in North Hollywood, CA

56. I also met Rod Stewart & Val Halen

57. And you can see me really quickly in the ZZ Tops's She Got Legs Video

58. because an ex b/f's sister worked for the vice president of Warner bros records

59. I caught a hockey puck at a Kings game

60. I miss the snow, but dont care for the cold weather, I know makes no sense

61. I was left stranded 5 months pregnant with 2 young kids in TX by Connor's sperm donor

62. An online friend got me to GA and helped me get back on my feet

63. Some of my closest friends I have I have met online.

64. I can tell them things I dont even tell my own family!

65. I went to Las Vegas with a group of friends from online, it was scary cause i had never met them before but at the same time it was exciting and had a great time, would love to go back.

66. Iam very sensitive and cry easily

67. I love swedish fish candy, peanut m's, and anything with carmel in it

68. I love to walk in the rain on a hot day

69. I have a brown eye and a black eye

70. i love to be out in the sun but the Lupus prevents me from doing that for long periods of time

71. I have Puerto Rican, German, Cuban and some indian in me, my mom is all Puerto Rican, my dad is the rest

72. I have thought about going back to school for teaching but dont think at this point in the game that I could handle but emotionally and health wise

73. I listen to almost any music but rap, I just cant get into it

74. Iam a soap fan, but get bored easy by them so bounce from one to antoher

75. Because my husband is away to much, I watch way to much reality tv

76. I have always wanted to try jumping from a plane but to chicken to

77. Also always wanted a tattoo but also to chicken to, lol

78. favorite icecream is butter pecan

79. favorite flower daisies, I also like pink roses

80. At the end of my pregnancy with my daughter I had kidney stones, didnt get them out till after she was born. The pain was horrible, would much rather go thru a natural birth then have kidney stones!

81. I hate to wear shoes, barefoot is the way to go

82. Never really understood a mother bond and love for her child till I had my own

83. I have a family living in a rental house across the street from me who lost everything in NewOrleans, mom 5 months pregos, dad & 2 yr old son

84. Iam doing what I can to help them

85. Why I named my kids what I did, Shain from Days Of Our Lives, but wanted to spell it different so made up the spelling, Skylar, fell in love with it from a baby book means to shelter, and Connor just always liked it

86. My nic name Suz comes from my dad, he is the only one that calls me that, most people callme Susan

87. Though in high school my friends called me Sue which I now hate and they also called me sunshine

88. I have flat feet

89. My dream house would be a capecod style house with a rap around pouch

90. Iam not good at getting things down in writing but once I start i cant stop

91. i use to write poems in high school, havent written one in ages

92. My daughter now likes to write them

93. My favorite number is 3

94. I love to bake cakes & cookies

95. I love to ride on the back of a motorcycle

96. When I was in high school a bf had a motorcycle and I had to sneak out to ride with him cause my mom didnt like them

97. I have an extremely closer relationship with my daughter then I had with my mom and much more open, thank goodness

98. I love the fall season and the leaves changing even though we dont get that this much down in GA, I like going into the moutains to see the leaves

99. I love Bath & Body Works bath products and their jasmine/vanilla body spray

100. And lastly, My friend "mama" who told me I had to do this is a wonderful person inside and out and I know this cause i have met her in person!

So there you go "mama", 100 things about me, how boring, lol It took me almost 3 hours off and on. Now how do you post pics ?

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