Tuesday, January 31, 2006

~Four Kinds Of People (Carpool Talk)~

I can always look forward to interesting chats with my littleman in the carpool line on the way to pre-school. Its amazing what comes out of the mouth of littleones.

While sitting there waiting this was how the conversation went:

Littleman: (Out of no where) "Mommy did you know there are 4 kinds of people?"

Me: "Four kinds? What are the fours kinds of people?"

Littleman: "Babies, which Iam not, kids ... That's me, teens like S & S and people like you and daddy."

Me: "People like me and daddy?" "You mean adults?"

Littleman: "Yes"

Me: "Who told you that those are the four kinds of people?"

Littleman: "No one told me, I told myself."

Me: "Hmmm, ok"

(Before I could say anything else)

Littleman: "Mommy, I don't like kid girls."

Me: "Why don't you like little girls?"

Littleman: "Because they scream a lot and when we stand in line to go out of the classroom and they stand in front of me their long hair gets in my face.

Me: "Laughs"

Littleman: "But I do like teens girls because they play with me."

(Thinking) "He likes teen girls because his sister plays with him and so do her friends."

(Pulling up to the door)

Me: "Well over the years your likes and dislikes on girls will change."

Littleman: (In a angry voice) "No they wont."

(And out he goes)

Monday, January 30, 2006

"I Have The Worst Luck With...."

I have the worst luck with new furniture. First it was my littleman's bedroom set 2 years ago with a very well known furniture company. The mess went on for 2 months. Now its with a local furniture company and has been going on since July 2005, yes I said July 2005! The set at the bottom is a couch and oversized chair that I fell in love with back in July when we were looking for a new set. I found this set after going to numerous furniture stores and hours of driving my hubby nuts because I didn't like anything we saw. I like plain furniture and then add colorful accessories, which I havent gotten yet because of the mess.

Then we decided to check a local store. Because they only keep the grey color in stock of the set I wanted, I had to special order mine which they said would take 6 weeks which I was fine with. They gave me a delivery date and said there should be no problem. So I found someone that was interested in my old set that was 15 years old on Freecycle but asked her if it was ok that we kept it till our new set came in. She was fine with that. This was about a week before the new stuff was to be delivered. So I call the beginning of the 6th week to confirm my delivery date and they were like sure no problem, will be there between 10 and 2 Friday. So I tell the lady she can come pick up the old set. The next day I get a call from the store saying they made a huge mistake. My order was never placed!

I was so pissed and boy did they ever get a mouth full from me. After hearing a lot of BS, they re-ordered the set, I got $100 credited back and demanded they give me a loaner couch for the next 6 weeks to sit on and they did. 6 weeks pass and the set arrives. The couch is perfect but the chair not only is a different color (lighter) and thinner material but also has 2 small rips in the back. I call the place, again very angry but so wanting that set. They apologize, blah blah blah and order another chair. To make this story a little shorter, 3 chairs ( they were either damaged or didn't match the couch(lighter color) and 7 months, yes I said 7 months later I am still fighting them. The last chair came 2 weekends ago, color lighter then the couch. The delivery men even tried their hardest to convince me otherwise and I kicked them out of my home and called the store yet again. This time we all decided that I should come in and talk with them and probably pick out a different set. So Robert and I went there Saturday afternoon. We spent 3.5 hours there. Me fighting with them saying I just wanted my money back. Them telling me it wasn't possible that they only give credits, me telling them it wasn't my fault I had to make the return and so on. They also tried their hardest to sell me sets that I really didn't want and when push came to shove I had, had enough and said I wanted the set I ordered but decided on a different color, olive green ( wasn't going to get the brown seeing as they couldn't match it). Again I pick a color that has to be ordered so it will be 6 weeks before I get my new set. I told them if that was the case then they weren't getting the brown set till I got my new set that was ordered and I also told them that I should get more for my troubles so I left with a $100 gift certificate that Iam going to spend on a wooden outdoor bench swing.

After we buy this swing and my new set comes in, I will never ever step foot in that store again and have been thinking about reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I just cant believe that by the time I get my new set, it will be 8 months since I first placed my order.
Maybe I am just not destined to get new furniture!

The PITA oversized chair that was replaced 3 times for wrong color, wrong material or rips. The light in this picture makes the chair look a lot lighter. It is, but not that light.

The couch I love but they could never match it right!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Gotta love Maxine, I know I do. Saw this cartoon and thought I would share. I wont be around much this weekend, hubby came home this morning and will be home till Monday morning. I haven't seen him in 3 weeks, so we have some catching up to do. Lets just hope I have the energy to do so. Still fighting a cold (glands hurts, scratchy throat, headache, nose) and if I am not feeling better by Monday morning, off to the doctors I will go!

Oh we also have to go fight with a furniture store later. Someday I'll post about that, its been going on since July!

Its suppose to be a nice weekend, sunny and high 50's. Maybe I can open some windows and air this house out.


Friday, January 27, 2006

"You Almost Need To Take Out A Loan....

Its that time of the year again, What time is that you ask ... school ring time. Last year at this time I went through the same thing, ordering a high school ring for my oldest son. Before we went through this procedure I must of asked him a 100 times "Are you sure you are going to wear this ring?", and all the time his answer was yes. I even threatened him that if he gave it to his then girlfriend to wear I would kill him. Iam sorry after spending $253.00 (yes you read right) on that ring there was no way in hell I was gonna let him put that ring on anything other then his finger. I do have to say he has stuck to his word and wears that ring almost every day.

Yesterday it was my daughter's turn to order hers. That's the downfall about having kids close together, trying to get the money to pay for everything. She like my son wanted the stone to be her birthstone (peridot). She picked the school mascot on one side and her name (top), Leo sign (middle) & 08 (bottom) on the other side. Again I asked numerous times if she was going to wear this thing, you are talking about a young lady who never wears rings, she wears earrings, necklaces & bracelets but never rings! Again she said yes and even if I don't I will still wear it on a chain. I was like no you wont if I order this ring you will wear it on your finger! I know mean aren't I? So she said "Yes I will wear it on my finger". So we ordered the darn thing, $227.00 later (Shain's cost more cause he got something extra that he paid for, plus it was bigger). All I have to say is thank goodness for payment plans and thank goodness it will be 13 years before I have to buy another high school ring.

The company the high school goes through is a well known company with a Full Warranty plan:

Repairs defects in workmanship free
Will replace stone if defective, broken or lost free
Resize ring at anytime free
Change your year on ring if your don't graduate at the age on ring free
Will change high school crest if you should change high schools before graduating
You can change your high school ring for credit towards a college ring

I gave my children the choice of getting the rings because I had gotten one (of course mine was only $70 something at the time) and wanted them to have one if they wanted. I still have my ring but I don't wear it, though I do carry it everywhere. I have always considered it a good luck sort of thing for me and keep it inside a zippered pocket in whatever handbag I have at the time.

Hope You All Have A Great Weekend ... Hugs

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 3 ... What Bugs Me

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Bug Suz ... (inspired by na uh)

1. Leaving the toilet seat up

2. Chewing food with your mouth open and talking with your mouth full.

3. Talking on cell phones while driving, also talking loud on cell phones in public.

4. People with no manners

5. Putting clothes in wash inside out, also add to that putting clothes in wash stuck together (like undies & socks stuck inside pants).

6. Extremely slow drivers, daydreaming while driving

7. Talking during a movie, kicking/tapping the back of my seat during a movie

8. Not washing hands after using bathroom and before eating.

9. The sticky labels on jeans and shirts, usually have to wash theses clothes before washing or little things stick to that spot.

10. Those darn plastic ties on toys, it takes forever to either cut or twist them off. And lets not forget those cars/trucks that have those tiny screws to keep the car on some plastic base. It takes too amount of time just to take these toys out of the package so your child can play with them.

11. People who judge people because of what is on the outside, instead of getting to know who they are as a person.

12. Mean sales people, you are in a job where you deal with people all day long, dont like people, quit your job!

13. Those dog owners who dont pick up after their dog's poop.

I could probably go on forever, but this is the "Thursday Thirteen"

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

~I Remember It As If It Was Yesterday....

It seems like only yesterday I was pregnant with her. It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to my baby girl and was holding her in my arms.

When did my babygirl become a 15 year old teenager and grow into a beautiful young lady? How the years just fly by, how times just seem to flash before our eyes.

As I watched my beautiful daughter leave our house Sunday on her first real date (his mom brought them there to the movies & back), tears ran down my face (and no she does not know this). The tears were both tears of sadness for I know now that even though she will always be my baby girl she is no longer a baby but instead a beautiful young lady.

What I treasured most about this day was the talk we had when she came home. As you know I have a very close relationship with all my children, something I never had with my mom, till my adult years and it is still not where I would like it to be and may never be. But anyways, my "baby" daughter told me how she was nervous at first. How while watching the movie he placed his arm around her and she laid her head on his shoulder. I got goosebumps listening to her, treasuring that she confided in me about her special moment in her life. You know I had to ask if he kissed her and she snapped at me and told me "You know I wouldn't kiss on the first date!". How proud I was of her that very moment as I know that sometimes she actually does listen to me and what I have to say even though it may not seem like it. Instead at our front door when he brought her home she gave him a hug and even that he had to ask for.

Of course she is in heaven, first real boyfriend. He calls her every night. They are the same age, he will be 16 in May, her 16 in Aug. He seems nice. A tall good looking guy, and when I mean tall to this 5'1 mom, 6'3 is a giant! Though a good height for her as she is a lot taller then me. He is on the wrestling team and takes ROTC in school. He also has good phone manners and Sky said he opened all the doors for her. and when she went to pay her way, he wouldn't let her. Sounds like he was brought up right.

As I have told her in the past, "to be careful with your heart". I know this will be hard as like her mom she wears hers on her sleeve. But as I have told her also to enjoy your high school years, just have fun the rest will come later.

My baby girl, how the years have blossomed you into a beautiful, full of personality, smart young lady, I cant be any prouder!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

~The Cuckoo Clock ...

Iam gonna leave you all with a joke I thought was funny and thought I would share. Nevermind a migrane has shown up and I can barely type. I'll try and catch up on blogs later.

The Cuckoo Clock:

The other night I was invited out for a night with "the girls." I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, "I promise!" Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easy. Around 3 a.m., a bitloaded, I headed for home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hall started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution, in order to escape a possible conflict with him. (Even when totally smashed...3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos totals 12 cuckoos = MIDNITE!)

The next morning my husband asked me what time! I got in, and I told him "Midnight ". He didn't seem pissed off at all. Whew! Got away with that one! Then he said, "We need a new cuckoo clock." When I asked him why, he said, "Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then said, "Oh shit." cuckooed 4 more times, cleared its throat, cuckooed another 3 times, giggled, cuckooed twice more, and then tripped over the coffee table and farted."

Hope You All Are Having A Great Weekend! Hugs

Friday, January 20, 2006

"Can You Tell Which Animals Have Control...."

Can you tell which animals have control in this house. A few days ago I bought Katie & Jesse the dogs new beds. They looked comfortable and the price was right. Well the minute I brought them home and laid them down, Simba my orange tabby decided it was his bed. Now all he wants to do is share the bed with Katie, who just sits there on one side and whimpers like a baby. Its funny cause she is the bigger of the two dogs and she is such a baby. If any of the cats try to go on Jesses bed who has plenty of room he growls at them, lol. But he will share with Katie. And lets not forget Milo who thought well if Simba can sleep
there so can I. It seems this isnt only common in my household as I found out when I read Katherine's blog the other day.

For those who asked, both Katie and Milo made it through their surgeries ok and both are doing well. Even with Milos paws rapped, he gets around just fine.

Also please stop by and say hello to Scooter the cat and his owner. His owner Shelly found me & my blog and is new to blogging.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

~Thursday Thirteen # 2 & Maybe My Last~

Thirteen Things about Suz

1. I feel like shit

2. Have a horrible head cold and its totally drained me.

3. I have to take 2 of my animals to the vet this morning. My Beagle Katie needs to get spayed & my younger cat Milo is getting declawed. He is an indoor cat and destroying my furniture & curtains.

4. Iam the oldest of 5 kids. I have a sister in MD, a brother in FL, half sister in Alaska, half brother in CO.

5. I believe in angels & spirits. I feel my grandmother around me all the time.

6. Iam scared of death. It first started when I saw my great-grandmother die in front of me when I was 15. After it happened I went into shocked and then wouldnt talk to anyone for a week.

7. The only person outside of the internet that calls me Suz is my father. Everyone else calls me Susan, Dont EVER call me Sue!

8. I cant drive a stick shift/standard vehicle and have no desire to learn.

9. I love candles, my coffee table is covered in "Yankee" candles.

10. I hate coffee, any kind. Even the smell of it makes me sick. Though I like coffee icecream, figure that one out.

11. I love to crochet, but all I know how to make are blankets, scarves ... simple things.

12. My favorite flower is one of the simplest flowers on earth, a Daisy.

13. Always wanted a tattoo and to go sky diving but probably will never do either because , yes iam a chicken!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"Do You Remember Your First Job?"

Recently my oldest got his first job at Wendys. Yep thats him to the left. He wouldnt be caught dead in his Wendys uniform unless at work and would only let me take a picture from the neck down , lol. As you can see he has to wear black pants & shoes supplied by me and then that ugly button down shirt (has really fine plaid like yellow & white pin stripes) and a black baseball type hat the has Wendys stitched across the front supplied by Wendys. He has been trying to get a job for over 2 months now so needless to say he was thrilled when they called.

I was pretty strict about him getting a job. His grades had to be A's & B's in order to get one and he also has to keep his grades up in order to keep the job and he knows this. To me school comes first. Whats good about most places around here is they asked about your school grades anyways before they hire you so that the job doesnt get in the way of your school work.

What sucks about him getting a job is he doesnt have his license yet (needs more practice on parallel parking) so I have to drive him there and back which i hate when he has to work till 9 or 10. Luckily so far he has only been working 3 days a week.

So this being said here are some questions for you all....

1. What was your first job? Did you like it?

As I said before my first real one was a sales person for Alexanders Dept stores. I loved going there but not for the job but thats where I met my high school sweetheart, lol. I did baby sit quite a bit before that.

2. How old were you when you got your drivers license?

I didnt get mine till I was 18 cause my parents were divorce and mom wouldnt teach me so I had to save up and go to driving school.

3. How old were you when you got your first car?

I was almost 19.

4. What kind of car was it?

Chevy Chevette ... Barf!

Monday, January 16, 2006

"You Are A Cool Mom For Getting Those..."

This is what my daughter said to me a few weekends ago when I decided to buy these sneakers which I just fell in love with when i saw them. They are made by Skechers and since the spring stuff are coming in they were on sale, so with Christmas money ( the way I buy myself things is if I get gift money) I bought them. They are so comfortable almost as comfortable as my Birks. Oh yea I bought a new pair of those also (but thru QVC, I have my summer Birks and since I had gift money I decided to get clog Birks. My daughter says the sneakers & Birks are definitely something her or one of her friends would wear.

So YAY Iam a cool mom, LOL ... Curious what do you call "sneakers", a lot here in GA call them tennis shoes. I was always told they were sneakers.

And on the subject of littleman ... He still isnt himself so I took him to the doctors. He has a bad virus which I had already figured out but also has the beginnings of 2 ear infections. Of course I never would of known that cause he complained about everything but his ears! The last time he had a ear infections was when he was 2. So she put him on Amoxicillin for 10 days. Yippee, Now I have to force meds down his throat. She told me to wait a day before he goes back to school. And did you know that kids in daycare & young kids in pre-k and early elementary school get sick (cold & viruses) 10 to 12 times a year? I know this because I was worried on how much littleman has been getting sick ( every 2 to 3 weeks) and I dont remember my older 2 getting sick this much!

Anyways, Its was my daughters idea for the title of this post. I cant even think and so she suggested I write about the sneakers. Why cant I think, Iam now sick, thats right its mommy's turn, lucky me. Ears feels funny/terrible, sneezing like crazy, nose stuffed and glands on sides of neck hurt ... ahhh the joys! Off to bed I go, hoping I get some much needed sleep!

A picture of my new Birks. Some say these shoes are the ugliest shoes made, others wear nothing but. I love my summer Birks & just had to get a pair to wear now.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

~4 Long Days/Nights & A List Of 4's~

Littleman just started to feel better this morning. As of last night he was still puking and running a low fever. As of this morning he doesnt have a fever "knock on wood" and kept a pancake down so far but is still hacking like crazy and nose yucky now. So needless to say I havent slept in 4 days. Hopefully tonight will be better. Have to call the doctor tomorrow to let him know whats going on and see if they still want to see him. Thanks for all your comments on my post about him being sick.

So iam going to leave you with another list because iam too exhausted to post anything else. I got this list from "K" .

Oh and I cant believe that after a week of near 70 temps we only hit a high of 37 yesterday with a wind chill of in the 20's. Today its suppose to be in the low 50's. This weather is nuts! Hope you all are having a good weekend!

I will try and check blogs later ... HUGS

4 places you've been on vacation

Disney World
Las Vegas

4 websites you visit daily

All the blogs in my blogroll
Yahoo SSAHM Group
Yahoo Mail ... My main email
QVC, yes I know bad

4 favorite foods

crab legs
strawberries & whipped cream
Mexican food
a good New York pizza & soft New York pretzels

4 places you'd rather be

In bed sleeping ... hey iam doing this after 4 very exhausting days/nights
Australia, Always wanted to go
Paris, Also always wanted to go
New York City, Love it there
Would love to go back to Las Vegas ... Ya I know thats 5

4 albums you can't live without

Grease soundtrack
Dirty Dancing soundtrack
U2 The Best Of 1980-1990 ... Showing my age here
Anything Sheryl Crow

4 vehicles you've owned

Chevy Chevette - First car
Dodge Caravan
Subaru Outback
Ponitac Transport

4 jobs you've had in your life

Sales person
Camp Counselor
Assistant Manager for Casual Corners
Special Ed Teachers Assistant

4 movies you could watch over and over

Dirty Dancing
Fools Rush In ... This never did well but I love it
Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Old version

4 places you've lived

New York - Most of my life
California - Lived with my high school sweetheart
Texas - Very difficult time in my life
Georgia - Where i live now

4 TV shows you love to watch ... Gonna list more then 4, when hubby is gone a lot I watch TV :-)

Desperate housewives
Greys Anatomy
Project Runway
Commander & Chief
24 ... Season starts tonight
Amazing Race & Survivor when on

Friday, January 13, 2006

Its Been Two Long Sleepless Nights

Wednesday night at dinner littleman didnt eat much and was coughing so I knew he was coming down with something. About 9pm that night when he should of been sleeping he comes running out of his room, bright red, looking terrible and pukes all over my livingroom floor. There was a mess everywhere. I got him cleaned up, took his temperature and it read 102.8 so you can guess how Wednesday night went.

Yesterday morning after a very tough night, he was up at 5am for the day! During the day he was either moaning, hacking, puking or all 3, he also ran a fever all day, spending most of the day snuggled into my lap and wouldnt nap that is till about 4 when he wanted me to put his Batman dvd cartoons in and when I went to check on him at 4:15, he was out cold (thus the picture on the top)! He ate some crackers and toast for dinner and was out for the night by 7:00pm. I used a cough patch on him so I didnt hear hacking much during the night, until he awoke at 1am crying everything hurt, burning up and yes puking! He finally fell asleep again about 2 after the Tylenol had settled in and was up for the day this morning at 6.

Right now "knock on wood" no fever, but he still cant seem to keep food down. I talked to the doctor and he said there is a lot of viruses going around. He said just keep giving him dry food (crackers, toast, so on) and liquids which of course I knew and keep an on eye on his fever. Oh yea and make sure he is peeing.

We were doing so good here being healthy except for littlemans pinkeye and now this. I just hope he gets over it soon and it doesnt go around the house. Not to mention not sure if its my imagination from all the mess I have cleaned up the last 2 days but my tummy didnt feel too good either this morning and doesnt now :/

So no sleep, no AmbienCR cause I wanted to be there for littleman at night and stuck in the house for 2 days makes for a very exhausted, unhappy mommy ... But snuggling, hugging, I love yous and a sleeping littleman's picture ... Priceless!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

~My First Thursday Thirteen~

Thirteen Things about Suz ... Iam going to give this a try!

1. I will always be a New Yorker in my heart. Lived there 37 years well take out 3 years from 19 to 22 years old when i lived in CA for 3.

2. I have also lived in TX for a year. A town called "The Coloney" outside of Dallas, from 2000-2001.

3. Iam an extremely light sleeper so much so that I have to take sleep aids (AmbienCR) to sleep through the night and even that doesnt work all the time.

4. Met my husband of 7 months online in a chat room but we didnt get married till 4 years later.

5. There is a 13 year difference between my oldest soon to be 18 and my youngest soon to be 5.

6. I have thought about going back to being a Teacher's Assistant when my youngest goes to Kindergarten in Aug. Before my youngest was born, I was one in Special Ed classes when I lived in NY.

7. I was told I had Lupus at 18, its become apart of my life.

8. I have been researching "Curves" & "Slender Lady". I hope to have enough money saved to join one of these by the end of the month.

9. One of my closest friends is someone I met online. I wouldnt trade our friendship for anything, we have been through a lot together.

10. I have been thinking about cutting my hair really short. Yes it looks short in my profile picture but Iam just tired of doing the flippy style and want something different. My next appointment is Feb. 4th, we shall see what i decide.

11. 10 months ( not all at once) out of the year iam a semi-single parent. Thats how much my husband travels.

12. Iam not a hot or cold weather person. The perfect weather ... about the end of spring around the mid 70's.

13. And lastly, I LOVE blogging and to read others blogs. Would love to change the template on my blog but have no idea how to and scared I will lose everything.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

~What Happened To Winter?~

It seems to me we have gone straight from fall into spring. The last two days here have been absolutely beautiful, yesterday hitting 70 & today 68. Norm here for this time of the year is high 40's to low 50's. Though they say it should be back to normal temperatures by this weekend and then back up again next week, it seems to me that the last few years the winters seem to be milder and milder. Not that iam complaining, Iam mostly an outside person and think the perfect temperature to be outside is the low 70's and this weather is great for me.

So the last two days I have been outside with littleman. I love watching him run around, taking in his energy and it seems to be never ending. Wouldnt it be great if they could bottle that energy for us older moms? I know I sure could use some. Yesterday we spent the afternoon going up and down the street on his bike. Lord I tell you this child would of stayed out there into the night if I had let him but after 2 hours I had, had enough. I still cant believe my baby is now on a 16 inch bike, now if we can just get him to try without the training wheels.

Today the afternoon was also spent outside. This time out of all his toys new and old he picks an old one to play with, a toy from Christmas 2004. "Shaking my head" Out of all the new things he got this past Christmas, we still go back to the favorite from last. A remote control vehicle, not really a car, not really a truck. Looks and acts like a caterpillar on wheels. Hard to explain, picture below. This thing does so many things, it flips from one side red to the other side blue and back again. Can run on either side, goes backwards, forwards and does wheelies and so on. Can you tell mommy plays with it also, LOL. I bet littleman sleeps good tonight, was gone by 7:30. He had me controlling it while he chased it all over our yard, and yes I even had it attacking him at times, him laughing up a storm.

The temperatures are suppose to be the same till Saturday so you know where I will be in the afternoons.

Something about this picture I just love.

Concentrating on making it go where he wants

The favorite remote control vehicle

P.S. I have been informed through other blogs that its "National De-lurking Week" So if you are a lurker, this time leave a comment if only to say hi.

Monday, January 09, 2006

~No Pierced Belly Bottons For Now~

Friday afternoon Sky came up to me and told me she has decided that she doesnt want her belly botton pierced at this moment in time. That she wants to wait until maybe the summer when she turns 16. So instead she asked me to take her on Saturday to get second holes in her ears which I was more then fine with and atleast she was going to get it professionally done unlike her dummy mom who as I said in another post did them myself with needle and thread & ice. Sky's first holes were professionally done at 18 months, so she doesnt remember getting them done.

So off Sky, littleman & myself went to the mall to get them done. We decided to get them done at Icings. Littleman sat there in pure amazement that his sister was doing this to her ears, looking at her like she was crazy and Sky being who she is wanted to hold my hand while getting it done. The lady told her it would only be a pinch and a pinch is all Sky felt, though when littleman asked her "Does that hurt", she replied, "YES!". I told her she could pick any posts she wanted and she picked simple clear crystal ones.

So for now the belly ring will wait and when and if she decides to get it done, i will be there to take her.

My next thing to get thru with her... driving :/, She has been studying for her learners permit. Lord help me, one training for his license (my oldest son) and another one about to.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

"Thought I Would Join In"

Both "K" & Erin did this list on their blogs and I liked them so much I thought I would join in.

My name ... Susan

Childhood Ambition ... Teacher

Fondest Memory ... Getting my childhood dog, a Collie named Ginger

Soundtrack ... Grease & Dirty Dancing

Retreat ... My bedroom, alone & quiet

Wildest Dream ... To own a logcabin type house on a lot of property

Proudest Moment ... Becoming a mom/the birth of my children

Biggest Challenge ... Weight & Staying out of debt

Alarm Clock ... I set my radio alarm but the real thing that wakes me is my littleman

Perfect Day ... Outside with family at a park or lake

First Job ... Sales person at Alexanders

Indulgence ... Having my hair dyed by a professional

Last Purchase ... Small one, books at Barnes & Noble yesterday. Big one, a couch & over sized chair a few months ago

Favorite Movie ... There are so many favorites

Inspiration ... My children

My life ... Always going

My card is actually ... Only active card Target, trying to pay off the rest

What about you??

P.S. Talked with "mama/emme" yesterday. She wanted me to say hello to all of you and she misses you all & blogging!

Friday, January 06, 2006

~Been Tagged With 5 Weird Things About Me~

Erin tagged me to list 5 weird things about myself.

List 5 weird things about myself then tag 5 people. Let those 5 people know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. So here it goes:

1. Before I go to bed at night I check the locks atleast twice and also the knobs on our gas stove. Always scared someone will come in while Iam sleeping & with a gas stove always afraid it isnt off all the way.

2. I have one black eye and one brown eye. The black eye is legally blind. When I was 9 I was hit in the eye with a fork to cause this.

3. I love to talk online with friends, once I know you I can go on forever say in chat or on IM, but ask me to call you and I become very quiet. Just ask "mama", she wanted to talk to me on the phone, gave me her number and all and it took me 2 months to actually call her. Now we are the closest of friends.

4. If I ask you to do something for me and its not done right away, I will get upset and do it myself.

5. I have extremely flat feet. They are so flat that if Iam running barefoot you can hear my feet slap against the ground. My feet, ankles, hands & wrists are also very thin (wedding band 4.5). Wish my body would follow suit.

Now for the part we all hate. I tag Pieces , Marv , Double , Karen & Me

Let me know if/when you play.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

~Jammies & Pancakes What A Combo~

Today I got to wear my jammies and slippers out in public well really there isnt a pair of jammie pants that I own that I would even be caught dead in, in public so I borrowed one of Skys fleece black pants and wore a knit t-shirt with my red slippers.

Why you ask did i go out in public like this ... It was jammie pancake breakfast day at littlemans school. The teachers decided to change it this year and make a breakfast out of it. The kids were all asked to wear their jammies & slippers and bring their favorite stuffed toy & flashlights. Any mom that volunteered was asked to try and wear some kind of jammies. Of course out of 15 moms only 3 of us volunteered, the same 3 everytime. And guess what we had to do? The school has a kitchen area and no pancakes wasnt enough, we made pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage & bacon. Someone also sent in muffins. The teachers kept the kids busy while the moms cooked this stuff. Then we brought it into the classroom and served the kids. They also had orange juice or milk to drink and toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate & white chocolate chips, bananas and of course syrup.

Except for a few most of the kids ate pretty well because the paper sent home said "Dont Feed Your Child Breakfast!" Of course littleman was one of the few that didnt eat much, he had bacon and 2 muffins, but when he tasted the pancakes he said he liked the ones at home better. I just started laughing, the ones I make at home are usually the mirowave ones cause there is so little time in the mornings for anything else.

After they ate we went into another room with stuffed toys and flashlights & they watched Nemo all us of spread out on blankets. I have to say it was a fun morning and its times like these with my kids that I will treasure forever. Oh yea except for the nice temperfit littleman threw when he found out the movie was Nemo. he doesnt like nemo, but of course if I wasnt there he would of never complained :-)

A tired looking littleman eating bacon & he just had to wear his new car jammies

Littleman eating with his classmates

It was very interesting to watch all the kids try & fit inside that teepee in the background. The girls got very pushy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"Carpool Talk"

Well after 2 weeks of craziness its was back to school and some form of routine today, still crazy but still a routine! Littleman & I are morning people so trying to get us up isnt a problem but the older two forget about it. I had to yell at my older son a few times to get into the shower ( he will only take them in the morning, heavens to bit if his hair would get messed up) and I almost had to drag my daughter out of bed and threatened to a few times. Sky was walking out the door as the bus came and Shain was still getting his shoes on. Me screaming at him as he was getting ready " IF I HAVE TO DRIVE YOU TO SCHOOL YOU WILL PAY LATER!". I know such a nice mom Iam :-)

So off they went and then it was littlemans turn to get ready for school. Well of course he decides this is the morning he is not going to do anything I say and its a struggle from everything to getting food into him to getting him out the door as Dragon Tales was on. Oh though of course last night all he could talk about was going back to school.

Anyways we get to pre-k and into the carpool line which sometimes seems like it takes forever. I always use this time to chat with littleman. He has 2 books on planets & has been interested in the them lately and out of nowhere starts asking me questions:

Littleman: Mommy, Where are the planets?

Me: They are up in space far away.

Littleman: How do we get on them.

Me: Well you are living are one. Remember in your book we talked about how we live on the planet Earth?

Littleman: Oh yea, Well how do we get to the other planets?

Me: Remember when we watched the rocket go up into space with the Astronauts?

Littleman: Yea

Me: Well the the Astronauts take that spaceship to the moon and hopefully some day to other planets.

Littleman: Do people live on the other planets?

Me: Nobody is really sure of that.

Littleman: How did we get on Earth?

Me: "Thinking to myself, now Iam in trouble" God put us on Earth.

Littleman: But you told me I came from your tummy and love.

Me: Well God made Adam & Eve and then they had a child out of love and it went on from there.

"pulling up to the drop off"

Me: Littleman time to unbuckle your belt, we're here.

Littleman: but Iam not done asking you questions.

Me: You are for now, we can talk more later.

"Teacher open the slider and out he goes"

This conversation happened over a period of about 10 minutes. He never did bring it up again when I picked him up, instead we talked about what he did in school.

Only a 4 going on 5 year old can make a conversation about planets turn into a conversation about having babies!

Monday, January 02, 2006

~Sleepy, Dreary, Rainy, Day Here~

I sit here at noon still in my jammies, I know terrible but its just that kind of day. I was awoken at 4am this morning by high winds and strong thunderstorms. It was like the skys had just opened up and just kept dumping the rain upon us. Its been raining & storming off & on ever since. The weather is expected to be like this all day and into the night. They say with the cooler weather coming in, there is a possibility of hail and tornados. Gotta love it, NOT!

Littleman is driving the older 2 nuts wanting to play with them and all and they just want to do their own thing on their last day of winter break before they all head back to school tomorrow. So it looks like mommy will be his play buddy for some of today. Just one thing I hope he doesnt ask to play Atari games again, Santa is starting regret getting it, it seems to be littlemans favorite thing ever since daddy got him playing the games over the weekend.

Anyways I wont bore you all with typing about nothing. To the left is a picture of my dogs, they definitely have the right idea. Definitely a day for laying around doing nothing though i do have to get some housework done. Dont you just love the dogs beds, neither like the normal dog beds so one sleeps on an old pillow and the other sleeps on one of Skys old comforters. Thus is the life, gotta love it!

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