Thursday, March 30, 2006

%%%% Thursday Thirteen # 11 %%%%

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things About Suz

1. Of all the flowers in the world, simple Daisies are my favorites. Coming in at a close second are Pink Roses with Yellow trim.

2. In the last 2 months I have formed a close unexpected bond with my dentist.

3. Which I much rather not have. I have been there so far 5 times to fix my messed up teeth and have another appointment next week. "Is thinking she should of become a dentist with the money they make!"

4. I have volunteered for so many thing at Littleman's school during the next 2 months that I might as well just become a student there.

5. Don't get me wrong I love to volunteer and help out in my kids schools. Its always nice to know what is going on but do you ever notice its always the same ones that volunteer?

6. Things I offered to help with ... Book Fair, Easter Party (supplying paper goods, making cupcakes), helping make field day T-shirts (have to bring in my iron and ironing board), Field Day itself and help to make sets for the play for Graduation.

7. Why do I always get suckered into these things ... Because I love my kids and like to see whets going on in their lives.

8. After 9 months of the "beloved" furniture saga I wrote about here, the saga has finally come to an end. I ended up getting the same style couch except in an olive green color. I went through so much with that furniture store and will never use them again.

9. I joined an all female gym on Feb. 3rd. Its similar to the chain Curves but a lot more personal and offers more equipment. The lady that opened it up 3 months ago wanted to give women a personalable place they can go to workout and that she has.

10. I try to go there atleast 4 times a week, sometimes 5, working on all parts of my body. I cant even begin to tell you how good I feel since I have been doing this and its been great for my arthritis in my joints from my Lupus. Clothes are loser but the owner only measures & weighs you once a month so I wont know until next week how iam actually doing.

11. I have also started NurtiSystem food program a little over 2 weeks ago. I do 5 days on, weekends off, but still eat healthy. I do enjoy this program a lot but not sure if its going to be affordable so I have been writing down stuff like how much calories, protein, fiber and so on are in each foods so that if I go off of the program know what kind of foods to buy.

12. I have to drive to the airport this weekend. Cant even tell you how much I hate this drive into this part of Atlanta. My older 2 are going to New York for 4 days to see their father. They so don't want to go, its a whole control thing on my ex's part, a very long story.

13. Yesterday I had fun digging in the dirt with my Littleman. He has to bring in "live" stuff from nature today for "Nature" show & tell. The teacher said they could bring in bugs, worms, seeds, flowers, grass and so on. Littleman has a nice collection of 2 worms in dirt (not sure how much longer they will make it), those boogers were fast and hard to catch, some moss, 2 purple flowers, rose leaves, a pinecone and of course the yucky dandelion. Atleast the weather has turned nice and it was 73 degrees and sunny and suppose to do the same today!

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

~This & That~

I cant believe I haven't updated since last Friday. These last few days have just been busy, doing things here and there.

Saturday was a day for my oldest & I, sort of a continuation of his birthday. He wanted to go shopping at the mall and then go to the movies. So off we went. We spent only about 30 minutes at the mall, we both knew what we wanted, went straight to those stores, got what we wanted and left. He bought a hat and a CD and I got this "candle" . Iam a candle collected and mostly have this brand in my home and light one every night. They have the best scents and they last forever!

After the mall, we went to see "V for Vendetta". Shain had been wanting to see this since it first came out so I decided to treat him to it, "a mommy and me time". From the previews I didn't think I was going to like it but I have to say except for the bloody scenes, I really enjoyed the movie and its storyline. I would of never have guessed how some things turned out. After the movie we both told each other that it was a nice day and I thought to myself "I need to make time for more times like this!".

Sunday, it was my daughter's turn to go shopping. She wanted to go to Target, one of my favorite stores. She needed some personal items and also a bathingsuit. She choose some great "undies" (recommended by "K" ) and I choose "these" (great fit & very comforty). After trying on several tankinis, that's what she wanted after losing a lot of weight over the last 2 years, she found 2 she really liked a lot. I only had enough money to buy 1 for now so she picked this" top", "bottom". A simple but cute tankini. Almost 2 hours later I had spent almost $100. I could go crazy shopping in that store.

I also spent some much needed time with my hubby who came home Sunday morning and left Monday afternoon around 2. With the time change, I may not be seeing him this weekend because he has to work Saturday.

The rest of the week will also be busy. Helping with Littleman's school's bookfair, dentist tomorrow (ARGH) and getting my older two ready for their trip to New York this weekend for the first half of spring break which is next week.

The next 2 months will be crazy ones for me. A lot going with the kids at the pre-school (Easter party, field day, graduation) and high school (getting classes set, finals and so on.. Its always a madhouse at the end of the year. I cant believe another school year is almost gone (May 26th is their last day).

Now time to try and play catch up on reading others blogs!

Friday, March 24, 2006

~Excuse This House~

Below is a poem type thing that I have framed and hanging in my livingroom. I found this poem at a craft fair a few years ago. It caught my eye and hit a nerve and I just had to have it. I wanted to share it with all of you.

I have been reading lately on so many mommy blogs how they have so much trouble trying to get all their chores done and still have time to play and have fun with their children. As this poem sort of states in a round about way, spending time with our children is more precious then those chores could ever be. My house isn't a spotless one, is it a pigsty, no not by any means is it that either. Its your normal clean/messy child occupied house. Its a house my kids, their friends and my friends & family can feel comfortable in.

As I have come to realize in the past and yesterday as it hit me that my oldest turned 18, time is a very precious thing. Its something we need to grab on to, treasure. Time slips by so fast, in a blink of an eye our children go from babies to adults and it all seems to happen over night. I have also come to realize in the past 18 years that yes I like my house clean but that my time is much better spent with my children.

Can you tell that my oldest turning 18 yesterday has hit me rather hard? But then again "Mama" did warn me that the oldest, your first born, turning 18 would be the hardest and that it is!

Hugs To All You Moms & Future Moms Out There!

"Excuse This House"

Some houses try to hide the fact,
That children shelter there

Ours boasts of it quite openly,
The signs are everywhere

For smears are on the windows,
Little smudges on the door;

I should apologize, I guess
For the toys strewn on the floor

But I sat down with the children
And we played & laughed & read;

And if the doorbell doesn't shine,
Their eyes will shine instead!

For when at times I'm forced to choose
The one job or the other

I want to be a housewife
But first I'll be a mother!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

~Thursday Thirteen # 10 Happy Birthday Shain~

This Thursday 13 Is For My Son Shain Who Turns 18 Today!

1. Eighteen years ago today at 4:20pm, I became a mom for the first time and gave birth 5 weeks early to a tiny baby boy.

2. After 12 hours of labor, I'll never forget how I felt when they placed him on me so I could hold him. I never knew I could love someone so much.

3. At 5 weeks early, he still was a descent size at 5lbs 7ozs and 18 inches long.

4. Over night his weight dropped and he had severe jaundice. He was placed under the lights and had to stay in the hospital to be watched.

5. The hardest thing in the world was going home without him but after 6 days he was given the ok to come home.

6. I got the name Shain from one of my favorite "soaps", "Days Of Our Lives" except I wanted to be different and that's why his name is spelled the way it is.

7. When he was younger everyone said he looked like his father except with dark features. Today everyone says he looks like me.

8. His personality/attitude can change in the blink of an eye.

9. He has the most caring personality, will give the coat off his back if you ask, but rub him the wrong way or get him angry and watch out.

10. He has never liked school but in the last year has really worked hard to make sure he graduates with a "B" average overall in hopes for a "HOPE" scholarship.

11. At first he wanted a career in Culinary cooking, but has changed his mind and now wants to go into Radiology. He has been looking into school for this field of work. He graduates high school in 2007 (How time flies!)

12. He works at a Wendys partime and takes atleast $100 out of his paycheck to go towards a car. Iam so proud of him for doing this, it shows how much he has grown in the last year.

13. Happy 18th Birthday to my oldest baby. Wow, how the years have flown by. I have seen you grow from a tiny baby into a wonderful, loving strong young man who Iam very proud of and very proud to call my son! And even though we have butted heads more then I care to count, I love you more then you will ever know.

Shain such a cute baby, want to pinch those cheeks at 19 months

Shain a few months ago (He wouldn't let me take a resent one). He loves to play his Bass for fun. Never took any lessons, my hubby taught him how to play.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

~Brother's Night Out~

Last night Shain my oldest and Littleman went to Dad's Night out at Littleman's school. Shain went because hubby was away working. The school was great about Shain going and Littleman's teacher changed all of Connor's things to Brother when she found Shain was coming.

Besides the weather which was horrible to drive in pouring rain and storm and I couldn't see a thing, Shain & Littleman both said they had a great time. Littleman got to show Shain around, they made a paper tie with all kinds of stuff on it that Shain had to wear, they also made a frame of which their picture is in it and they played musical mats of which Shain &Littleman won a ribbon for. Oh yea and they also made their own icecream sundaes.

Shain was so glad he went and what a pleasure it was to hearLittleman's teacher say that she was so pleased on how Shain treated Littleman last night, that he was so good with him. I thought "Are we talking about the same kid?" They always fight at home, lol

It was so nice to hear that both had enjoyed themselves. They are so far apart in age that it is hard for them to find things in common to do together and even when they do, my oldest has very little patients for my littleman.

Below are some pics of the night.

Brothers, My oldest & my youngest sharing a fun evening together. My Shain said that Littleman didn't want to take his jacket off so he spent the whole night with it on.

This, Littleman made for Big Brother Shain during school time. It asks different questions about big brother that littleman had to answer.

I had to laugh at this picture. It reminds me of a silly looking police lineup.

Monday, March 20, 2006

~But I Don't Have This One...~

This is what I heard come out of Littleman's mouth when we were in Wal-Mart over the weekend and he was talking about cars. Now the last thing this child needs is another hotwheel/matchbox car (see pics below, some his, some inherited from my oldest) and how he keeps track of them all is beyond me but he finds one and this is how the conversation goes....

Littleman: Can I have this Hummer?

Me: Littleman, the last thing you need is another car.

Littleman: But I don't have this one, please can I get it.

Me: You have so many already, How do you know you don't have that one.

Littleman: Because I know what cars I do have.

Me: Well Iam not paying for another car.

Littleman: Well I have money in my baseball bank.

Me: You are going to give me the money for it?

Littleman: Yes, I told you I have it in my baseball bank.

I buy the car reminding him that he has to pay for it and he agrees. So we get home and he asks for the car. I say to him, "Aren't you forgetting something?" To which he tells me, "Oh yeah" and goes to his bank and takes out a dollar. Then he takes out all his cars, goes over them very carefully and then in a smug voice says, "See I told you I don't have this one!" and goes off and plays. Not much else I could say, he was right on this one :-).

Right now he is running around the house all excited because its Dad's night out tonight at his school and since hubby is away working, my oldest is going to go with Littleman. Littleman just cant wait.

This all came from a single layer car hotwheels carcase. He also has another case that a double layer one.

Plus this rubbermaid container full of cars. Can you tell what one of his favorite things to play with is??? LOL

Friday, March 17, 2006

"Do You Think We Can Sell It"

Yesterday Littleman decided he wanted to fingerpaint. So I took out the "Color Wonder Fingerpaints" by Crayola. You have to love this stuff. Even though the paper for it can cost a little more, the fact that your child cant paint on anything but the paper is GREAT!

I just love this stuff so much and we also have the "Color Wonder Marker" He used so much paint to do this "piece of art" that it took 2 days for it to dry. He was so proud of his work and ask if we could sell it. I told him that mommy will buy it from him because I loved it so much and wanted to keep it. So I ask him how much and he told me $1. Oh was like ok SOLD! What a bargain and yet priceless.

On another note, littleman went for his first dentist appointment yesterday and I have to say iam very proud of how well he did. You are talking about a child that cant stand brushing his teeth and hates putting anything unfamiliar in his mouth. But the dentist played a DVD for him about his first visit and was great with littleman. He also gave littleman yellow star glasses because littleman hates anything bright in his eyes, wish I had my camera, too cute. His teeth are fine and he will go back in about 6 months to a year.

If you ask littleman what he liked most about the dentist, he would say the playroom with some neat building things and megablocks. Oh yeah and the treasure chest of which he pick a pink (new favorite color) ring toss game.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

**** Thursday Thirteen # 9 ****

Thirteen Things Suz Would Like or Have Always Wanted To Do

1. Would like to lose atleast 67 pounds, yes you read that right. Weight has always been a problem with me that started in my teens. I know its possible ( have lost 75 pounds about 14 years ago) though also know as you get older it gets harder to lose. (Working on this now)

2. Live in a logcabin style house, not to big, 2 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bedrooms on main floor. Full finished basement and rap around porch outside. This is my dream house, nothing to fancy, just simple.

3. Get a tattoo of a crescent moon rapped around a sun. This I have wanted since my early 30's but never had the guts to do it and don't know if I ever will.

4. Take a dream trip to Australia. I have always wanted to go to Sidney and Melbourne and maybe even the wilder parts. If this happened it probably wouldn't be until the kids are grown and hubby retires.

5. Hawaii and Paris are other places I have always wanted to go but probably wont happen until later on in life if at all.

6. To visit all 50 states. This is something hubby sees us doing in a fully loaded mobile home. I think it would be neat to see the interesting places that each of "our" states have.

7. Skydive, This I have wanted to do since I was in my 20's but never had the guts to do and probably will never have the guts to do, lol!

8. Do the 3 day breast cancer walk. This I would probably do if I could find someone to do it with me. Its something that is close to my heart for a while now. A close friend lost her battle.

9. Learn how to crochet something else besides blankets. This I can definitely do just have to take the time to learn the stitches.

10. Learn how to ride a motorcycle. I have been on the back of plenty of time, love the feeling of riding on one but have never actually driven one. Maybe someday.

11. Own a black Pug. I have always liked this breed of dog but never had one and it doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon because we already have 2 rescure dogs Jesse (MinPin) and Katie (Beagle).

12. You will probably think Iam crazy, but I have always wanted to visit a real haunted house. I have always believed in spirits and have to say, have had some strange experiences in my life. I know for one that my grandmother is around me constantly. Other things have also happened to me that were unexplained.

13. Get out of debt. For reasons I wont get into right now, this one can definitely happen but it probably wont for a few years.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Meaning To "Keep Your Mouth Shut"

I visited my favorite place today NOT! I swear if its the last thing I do I will NEVER neglect my teeth again! Today was "cleaning" day and boy did he ever clean my teeth and then went after my poor gums which were extremely sensitive. So much so that he had to give me 4 shots and numb my entire mouth and what a sight that was, I couldn't feel or move my bottom half of my face. I couldn't even talk, just make sounds, LOL and wouldn't you know it as Iam leaving my darn cellphone rings. So here Iam thinking to myself "You got to be kidding!". I look to see who it is and its my daughter calling from school. I try to answer it but nothing but sounds come out. She realizes why Iam just making sounds and asks me to pick her up because she isn't feeling good. She asks, I say "un huh" and hang up.

Thanks goodness I left the dentist at 11:00 and she didn't want to be picked up until 12:20. The school office would of had a nice laugh at me trying to sign her out. Thanks goodness by then I was able to feel some of my face and get her. She wasn't feeling good this morning, tried to get her to stay home but she didn't want to miss the first half of her classes.

Of course the first thing she does when she gets home, gets on the phone and calls someone else that was out sick today. Right now she is on that thing again, (were we always on the phone like that when we were teens?). Anyways she seems fine now, says she still has a small headache but otherwise ok. Oh and littleman & I (knock on wood) are doing better also.

On another note ... Anyone watch the new CBS show "The Unit" ? It's on Tuesdays at 9pm est and yes just what I don't need a another TV show to watch but I have to tell you all, I got hooked last week! Hey I need something to watch while I wait for "The Amazing Race" to come on.

Posting this then going to bed, will visit you all tomorrow :-)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Short & Sweet Or Maybe Not!

Well Iam going to make this short. Friday afternoon I started feeling yucky and was like that all weekend. I feel a little bit better today but it looks like I caught whatever littleman had, he "knock on wood" seems to be doing better.

Not much else to type for now. Not sure if I will get around to the blogs today, though i do miss reading them all.

Hopefully tomorrow after dentist appointment (ARGH!), I can play catch up.

Friday, March 10, 2006

After The Storm, A Fun Day, Sick Again?

Above is a picture my daughter took this morning as she was going out to school. I thought it was really neat looking. Its what our sky looked like this morning after a nasty storm (heavy rain, hail and strong winds) went through last night.

Right now its sunny and 61 already @ 10am, going into the low 70's today and 79 by Sunday. Cant wait to get outside.

Yesterday morning was littleman's kite/picnic as most of you know from yesterday's post. Don't look for pics cause I didn't take any was too busy with all the kids.

All the kids and the 5 parents that showed up had a great time. The pre-k teacher bought all the kids kites from the dollar store and there were 2 classes out side running around trying to fly these things. Because of storms that were coming last night, it was windy and therefore a wonderful kite flying day. One small problem ... trying to keep 24 kids from getting their kites tangled up in each others. Littleman had a ball and so did I. After we flew the kites, we all sat on blankets on the grass and ate the picnic lunches we had brought.

So after a long, fun morning we went to Wal-Mart to get a few things and littleman except for some coughing and nose yucky, he seemed fine. I was almost positive his nose and coughing was from allergies he has and drainage from taking the Claritin. So we get home and he tells me he is hungry again and wants cheese. I give him the cheese and 5 minutes later he tells me "MOMMY, I don't feel good" and pukes at my feet! What a lovely mess that was, NOT! So I get him cleaned up and go back to clean up the mess only to find it almost gone because my stupid Beagle is eating it ewwwwwwwwww! All I have to say is thank goodness for hardwood floors. Littleman didn't eat much of anything for the rest of the day and spent most of it in bed.

Littleman coughed off and on most of the night. This morning he still has a cough but doesn't seem as bad and the nose is still yucky. But thank goodness "knock on wood" no more puking! Still not sure if all of this is a yucky virus or those terrible allergies that he gets this time of year. So I will just have to watch him.

Thanks for all the nice comments on my TT post yesterday. I don't normally talk about my childhood but like they say its always easier to write/type things out then actually talk about them. HUGS!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 8

Thirteen Things about Suz's Childhood

1. I was born in The Bronx, NY. My mom went into labor while visiting my soon to be Godparents.

2. I lived in a town called Mahopac, NY until I graduated high school.

3. First house I lived in was what they called a Raised Ranch. It had a nice size front yard and a huge backyard. To this day I still have that house in my mind.

4. My first pet was a female collie named Ginger. After 4 years she disappeared and we never found her.

5. I use to play for hours in the treehouse that belonged to a neighbor but the tree was on the line and they never minded me playing there.

6. Yes I was a doll player but never really got into Barbies. Instead my favorites were "Dawn" dolls which were about half the size of Barbies. Also use to play a lot with Mrs. Beasley and a doll called Christy whose hair was red and you could make it long or short.

7. My parents divorced when I was 6 years old. I didn't find out till I was in my 20's that he left my mom for his then secretary who he is still married to today.

8. I remember the day he left. I wokeup to find him sleeping on the livingroom floor. That was the last moment he lived in the house. I remember being so heart broken and jealous of the other kids in the neighborhood who still had their dads.

9. I got my first 2 wheel bike at 7 years old. My grandfather got me this huge blue 3 speed bike. I got on and tried to ride it, of course it was too big and I ended up spraining my ankle to the point where I had to go to the hospital.

10. The next day my grandpa brought back the 3 speed and got me a purple banana seat bike with a white basket. Of course because of my ankle I couldn't ride it for 2 weeks.

11. My grandpa lived with us in an apartment downstairs. I found it strange that even after my dad left, my grandpa (his father) stayed with us.

12. I had 2 operations when I was a child. One was getting my tonsils out when I was 8 which was an easy one. The other was when I was 10. It was on my right eye to try and restore my sight because of an accident from a fork when I was 9. To this day Iam still legally blind in that eye.

13. My mom re-married when I was 9. The man she married had 5 kids, they all lived with him so we had to leave my first home and moved into a house that he and my mom had built. This house had 6 bedrooms and was huge and I hated it. This marriage lasted 5 years and its 5 years I much rather forget! The end of that marriage, was the start of my teens.

"Littleman has a kite picnic this morning so I will be by blogs later today :-)"

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Monday, March 06, 2006

"Need More Weekends Like This"

My weekend started off with Robert coming home Saturday morning. It was really good to see him, seeing as he hasn't been home in two weeks. He had worked all night and then drove 3 hours home so needless to say he went off to sleep while I took the kids to Target. Gotta love that store, could just browse there for hours. Then of course Pet Smart is right next store so we had to visit the homeless animals and if it wasn't for having four pets already I probably would have brought another home :-)

The best part of the weekend was yet to come (besides being with Robert :-). I was invited to a Lingerie Party that night. Had never been to one of these before and with Robert gone a lot I don't get out much. Anyways since both older kids had plans Robert watched littleman while I went out.

Oh My Goodness ... What a wonderful time I had. Put a bunch of sexually frustrated, drunk women 20's-50's in one room with one heck of a salesperson and you get one noisy, loud fun party. My friend who gave the party was a wonderful hostest. She has all kinds of food and drinks there plus I think every body that came brought a bottle of wine so there was a lot of booze going around. I stayed with one drink all night a very delicious green apple wine, yummmm! I have to admit I was very shy at first. It was a very hands on party where we had to feel the "toys", taste lotions and so on, but hey stick some wine in me and well I was having so much fun and laughing so hard I was in tears. The salesperson said we would leave there in well a rather "hot" mood and most of us did. I have to say this if I had the money I would bought a heck of a lot more then the 3 things I did.

After the party I went home to Robert and well you can take it from there. :-) I definitely need to get out atleast once a month.

Sunday was a nice quiet day home. It was beautiful outside so that's where we were most of the day. I so enjoyed watching Robert and littleman doing things together cause they don't get much together time with hubby away a lot. Robert left late last night to go back to work. Now if littleman could just fight this cold I see coming on!

I am off to get littleman to school and me to the gym! Will catch up on blogs later!

Friday, March 03, 2006

~Addressing One Of My Worst Fears~


First I want to say that right now I am drugged on Lortab and have been since about 1:30pm yesterday afternoon, so forgive me if anything doesn't make sense :-)

Last week I made my way to a place I dread, the dentist. Yep its one of my worst fears I have (when I get into a dentist chair I tense up so much, my whole body tightens and both my arms and legs are crossed as to not let anybody in). Never the less I had to go because half a filling I had, had fallen out and I was in a lot of pain through my ear area and up the side of my face, plus I could feel a cavity in another tooth and I had put it off long enough. So I go in and after his assistant takes x-rays, I get this whole lecture from a very nice dentist on how most people me included wait to long to come in and get their teeth checked never mind don't go when they don't have insurance and then end up paying more in the long run.

He proceeded to tell me that I was going to need a rootcanal on the tooth that lost the filling. Then he more or less tells me that though some dental insurance pays some , most more or less are useless. That most will give you a limit of about $1,000 a person a year, when it should be updated to about $5,000. He told me what my options were and off I went.

I have to say I was very glad on how upfront he was with me about it all. When I left I got the impression that they didn't do payment plans except for something called CareCredit which I wasn't going to do so I thought my only option was to get the darn thing pulled and then replace the tooth later on. Sunday night I was in the worst pain, it was so bad that I was in tears and my older two wanted to take me to the ER, I declined. I called the dentist Monday morning and told him I wanted it pulled.

I couldn't believe my ears, he was doing all he could to talk me out of it, and to save the tooth which is what I really wanted and said he would work out a payment plan for me if I wanted to save the tooth. So yesterday I started what is going to be a long relationship with my dentist. I went in to begin treatment on the infected tooth and to get my other teeth into better health condition. He took out and medicated the infected area and put a temporary filling in there for now until it heals. Iam now high on Lortab for pain which doesn't completely take care of the pain!!!! Next week he will fill the other tooth and we will go from there.

I can say this I haven't found a dentist I liked this much since I left New York 6 years ago. I like his honesty and of course his willingness to work with me and my financial situation.

I have to say part of my teeth being in this condition is my own fault and some is hereditary, my mom has bad gums and dad has bad teeth and some is from the meds I have been on for the Lupus. What I wouldn't do to turn the clock back some and take better care of my teeth!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

~Thursday Thirteen # 7 "California" ~

Thirteen Things About California & Suz

1. I lived there for 3 years, 1982 - 1985.

2. I moved there from New York because my high school sweetheart asked me to marry him and his family was re-locating. I was just out of Business school.

3. When I first arrived I lived with his sister who was already living there for a month. She was the secretary for the vice president of Warner Bros Records.

4. After I got a job there as an Assistant Department Manager of accessories, I moved into a studio apartment in North Hollywood, CA. While I worked there if we saw anyone famous, we weren't aloud to over react. Part of "Fast Time At Ridgemont High" was filmed there while I was working there.

5. Besides being assistant manager for the accessories department, later on I left that and was assistant manger for woman's sportswear.

6. I bought my first car in Ca., a Chevy Chevette. I paid 1,500 for it and my boyfriends mom had to co-sign for it.

7. I met 3 close friends whiling working there, one Iam still in contact with, she has since moved outside of San Fran, Ca.

8. Because my boyfriends sister worked at WB, my boyfriend and I got to be extras in two ZZ Top videos and meet ZZ Top and see their car. We had to sign agreement's that no cameras were aloud on the set. The two videos were "Shes Got Legs" and Well Dressed Man". You cant see me in the first one, but you can see me really quickly at the bar in the second one.

9. Also because of his sister we got to be fill ins at a American Music Awards, which was a lot of fun. We just had to fill in the empty seats.

10. We would also get up front seats at sports events and at one Kings hockey game I actually caught a puck while they were practicing, and lord did it hurt!

11. I have also seen Rod Stewart and Van Halen in concert, up front seats.

12. While there I also visited Disneyland 5 times, San Diego zoo twice, and San Fran twice (3 times if you count when I visited my friend in 1999.

13. After 3 years of living in CA., I moved back to New York. After 6 years of being with my high school sweetheart, we had grown apart, so I broke it off and was home sick for NY and moved back there.

Also two movies I remember the most seeing while living there were Ghost Busters & Purple rain.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"What's That I Feel????"


Its beautiful out today and sunny 68 right now going up into the low 70's, gotta love it! So iam taking a break from the blogging world today and right after littleman finishes his lunch, we are heading outside to play, Yipeee!

I love days like this, I wish it could be mid 70's and sunny all year round.

Maybe I will catch up on all your blogs later.

I hope You Are All Having A Wonderful Day!


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