Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thanks & Update...

First I want to thank you all for your comments, your thoughts, your prayers, hugs, emails, e-cards and so on. They are very much appreciated. Between the Yahoo Group I belong to and all you wonderful bloggers, its such a wonderful feeling to know that I have so many wonderful caring internet friends.

Sorry I have left you all hanging but I haven't been in any mood to come online and then had my daughter check my emails and blog and she was reading all of your caring comments to me. She said she couldn't believe how many blogger friends I had. So I figured I would try to update some tonight and then the rest in the morning though still not up to sitting here for long periods of time, because if the foot hangs too long the pain starts. So please forgive me for not checking in on all of you. I truly miss reading all of your blogs and hope to try and catch up on them soon.

Ok now the answer to the most asked question "How did you break your leg/ankle?" It was a freak accident. I was on my way out my front door going to the store. We have 3 cement type steps outside the door. One minute I was walking out the door and the next I was laying at the bottom of the steps in severe pain. I looked down at my right foot and it was swelling up and turning blue really fast (later found out it was just badly bruised) but the worst was when I looked at my left foot, the foot was all cut up, turned completely on its side and the ankle bone was facing upward. When I went to move I also noticed a bump sticking out of the same leg. I screamed for hubby who was all the way over on the other side of the 2 acre property cutting grass and couldn't hear me. Since I was on my way out I had my purse with me and in it was my cell phone, knowing hubby always has his glued to his side, I called him. He came running and when he saw me he said there was no way he could move me. So he called 911, and an ambulance came and confirmed that I definitely broke the ankle and possibly a bone in my calf. I was rushed to the hospital and they took xrays and found that I had broke 2 bones in and tore ligaments in my left ankle, broke a bone on one side of the left calf and tore ligaments and the other side of my left calf. Nobody could believe what a mess I had made of my poor leg. They had to put the bone and ankle back in place and OH MY GOSH I never screamed so loud in my life. That night I had emergency surgery done and had 2 screws about 2.5 inches long placed across my ankle and a small plate in my calf. To this day I still don't know how the heck I fell, one minute I was walking out the door and the next I was on the ground. They think I have so many breaks because of the Lupus and my arthritis.

Its been a rough 4 weeks. Iam healing but its a slow process and still have to take pain killers which I really hate doing but also cant deal with the pain at times. Iam in a boot type cast up to my knee to give both my calf and my ankle support. I start therapy tomorrow to learn how to use my ankle all over again. Something iam and am not looking forward to. Iam not looking forward to the pain I will have to go through but Iam looking forward to getting my ankle back and getting on with my lives. Not being able to do things for myself is driving me NUTS and I hate asking for help! The doctor says it will take atleast 8 weeks for it to heal possibly longer because of the seriousness of my injuries. For now I get around the house with a walker and use crutches (which I hate) when I have to leave the house. Oh also because of the stress of this all and having to use the walker and crutches, my "Lupus" arthritis is acting up in my left wrist/hand and right shoulder area. Like I said I just want this all to be done with!

What really sucks about all of this is that I have missed a few of littleman's end of the year activities at school and you know me iam always involved with his school. I also had to miss his bowling 5th birthday party last month of which hubby, my daughter and 2 of her friends ran for me. One day soon I will have to post pics from it. Next week is the last week of school for all my kids. Connor will graduate from pre-k next Thursday, and will be wearing a cap & gown and you bet iam gonna be there some how some way!

My older 2 have also been very busy with finals and all, their last day is next Friday. Oh yea Shain did ended up going to the prom 2 weeks ago and boy did he look so handsome in his tux and his date looked beautiful in her gown. Will have to post those pics also when I can.

Well thats about it for me. Off to the couch I go :-( to get my darn leg/ankle up and try and relieve some pressure.

Again THANKS so much for all of your caring comments. They are so very much appreciated. I hope you and your families are all doing well.

Much Love & Big Hugs

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